Philadelphia Weekly

IMG831I provided award-winning features and commentary for Philadelphia Weekly, where I covered City Hall, neighborhood news and social issues.

Some highlights:

Natural Born Healer: Wellington Christian is a humble laborer by day, but by night he cooks up potions in his basement to cure asthma, diabetes and even cancer. Doubt if you want, but customers all over Philadelphia claim Christian has given them a gift that doctors never could: A clean bill of health.

The Ugly Truth About Philly’s Vacant Lots: Philadelphia’s vacant lots are costing the city millions. Developers want to build, but there’s no way to acquire most of the properties. Meanwhile, the city tries to dig itself out of a record-keeping disaster.

The BRT: It Just Won’t Die: No matter what Mayor Nutter throws at the Board of Tax Revisions to make it go away, it keeps coming back from the dead. Just call it the T-1000 of city agencies.

2011 Keystone Press Awards:

First Place, Investigative Reporting:
Off The Hook: Philadelphia strives to reign in an out of control towing industry. It would help if the city enforced the laws already on the books.

First Place, Feature Story:
Mind Over Murder: There are hundreds of unsolved murders in Philadelphia, but affected communities hesitate to cooperate with the police. Now, a small team of filmmakers sets out to solve the problem on their own.

Honorable Mention, Feature Story:
Purple Reign: Bullied gay kids aren’t satisfied hearing adults tell them “it gets better.” They’re demanding to know, “it gets better when?”

2011 AltWeekly Awards:

Honorable Mention, News Story (Short Form)

For Philadelphia Weekly: Under Press-ure, Electile Dysfunction, and Not a Pretty Picture


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